BETTER ERGONOMICS IN THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY February 25, 2019 - Posted in: Industry

At QHDC we are all about providing safe and ergonomic solutions to Australian companies. Ensuring best practice for your company with quality products and reasonable prices.

Who is the customer?

The customer is an Australian hospital. They care for a high capacity of patients. They have business solutions in place to ensure innovation and ongoing ergonomic improvement.

What is the Problem?

The client was seeking to improve their ergonomic practice, particularly concerning the push/pull force required during use of their retherm carts. These carts are moved by staff for long distances during meal times to provide patients with meals. Repetitive use of poor equipment resulted in strain on the staff.

Blickle’s solution

With the carts high load capacity at a very low rolling resistance, the Blickle wheel series POBS as available at QHDC is the optimal solution. The thick tread is fashioned of a soft reaction-cast Blickle Besthane® Soft polyurethane and moulded onto a polyamide wheel centre. This ensures operational comfort and absorbs vibrations and shocks which could cause fatigue to staff and damage the carried goods. The hydrolysis and corrosion resistant material makes the wheel optimal for the hygiene sensitive locations prevalent in hospital environments.

The result

After extensive testing and trialing, the solution out-performed the pre-existing polyurethane wheels. The pull/push force was reduced significantly allowing for a smooth, quiet and comfortable maneuver.

Source: This case study was supplied by our German partners and suppliers at Blickle.