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Load Capacity (KG)


Wheel Diam (mm)


Wheel Width (mm)


Tread Material | Centre Material

POLYPROPYLENE, Thermoplastic Elastomer

Wheel Bearing Type


Hub Length


Bore Diameter


TPE Wheel 125X32

Castor Wheel

The rubbers used in making the tyres for our castor wheels include Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and Hi-res blue rubber. Rubbers, as the name suggests, are softer bouncier materials that incorporate additives and properties to improve wear, reduce flat spotting and make them non-marking. Softer tyred wheels are quiet rolling over rough and eneven surfaces, however their ability to carry heavier loads is reduced somewhat according to the hardness and resilience.
TPB castor wheels feature Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE tyres combined with precision ball bearings for lighter applications where loads are moved frequently and over longer distances. The 125 x 32mm wheel is most commonly used on shopping trolleys which can travel up to 1,500km per year.
Suitable for M series castors.


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